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WhatsApp Plus Apk for Android is available now and you can Download WhatsApp Plus Apk v6.88 after this latest update of 2019. Even Whatsapp Plus for iPhone is possible. Of the many MOD WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus may still be the best and most popular besides GBWhatsApp and YOWhatsApp. Not without reason, this MOD provides many interesting features that you won’t find on the official version of WhatsApp or even other similar types of MOD. But before discussing more about what features are offered, maybe you need to know that before GBWhatsApp there was a MOD called WhatsApp Plus which was very popular and was widely used by WhatsApp lovers.

WhatsApp Plus development has long been stopped. This MOD was developed by Rafalense which can be said to be the first modder for WhatsApp applications. Rafalense was the first to offer a feature of hiding “last seen” through WhatsApp Plus before finally in 2016 the feature has become part of the official version of the WhatsApp main feature. WhatsApp then blocked the MOD made by Rafalense and the development of WhatsApp Plus was completely stopped.

WhatsApp Plus

Version: 6.88
Last Updated: Februari 01, 2019
File Size: 27 MB
Developer: official-plus.com
System Requirements: Android 4.0+

1. What is WhatsApp Plus?

Maybe you’ve heard this name long before many other MOD WhatsApp pops up like GBWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus is the first MOD for the WhatsApp Android application that offers many features. WhatsApp Plus development itself was stopped because of a ban on WhatsApp.

Then, many modified copies of WhatsApp Plus began circulating on the internet with many versions and with different developers.

This means, it is not clear who developed WhatsApp Plus. WhatsApp Plus that you get on this site is not necessarily developed by the same person / party with WhatsApp Plus that you get on other sites.

While what I share here is a mod developed by official-plus.com. On the site, they claim that WhatsApp Plus that they developed is safer, better and will always be updated.

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2. WhatsApp Plus Features

WhatsApp Plus has supported the video calling feature as well as many privacy-related features such as:

  • Increase the limit of letters / characters in status.
  • Can hide notifications / notifications.
  • Can send video & audio with a larger size.
  • Implement passwords / passwords in each conversation window and throughout the application.
  • Hide online status.
  • Hide the two tick messages sent.
  • Hide the blue check mark the message is read.
  • Hiding the sign “is writing …” or “typing …”.
  • Hiding the sign is recording.
  • Hide the microphone button.
  • Hide “View Status”.

2.1 Media & File Sharing

WhatsApp Plus allows you to send audio & video files, including e-books with sizes up to 50MB.

Also supports almost all types of files to be shared such as PDF, TXT, Docs, APK, EXE with file sizes up to 50MB.

WhatsApp Plus also allows you to record and send high quality images.

3. Is Using WhatsApp Plus Safe?

Here I cannot guarantee that WhatsApp Plus is 100% safe to use, regardless of who developed it because there was news that this mod indicated stealing user data.

However, if you are looking for information about security using WhatsApp Plus on the internet, you will find many different versions or opinions.
Or if you already have your own anti-spyware application, please use the application to scan and monitor applications on your mobile.

Next, download and install WhatsApp Plus on your mobile. Scan your mobile with an anti-Spyware application.

If the results show that WhatsApp Plus is a dangerous application, please uninstall and re-use the official WhatsApp version.

4. WhatsApp Plus Download 2019

WhatsApp Plus v6.88


5. WhatsApp Plus Installation Guide

1. Download WhatsApp-Plus-v6.80-downloadiosapps.com.apk from the link I provided above but don’t install it first.
2. Backup conversations on the official version of WhatsApp to Google Drive. Open WhatsApp, go to Settings »Chats» Backup. Check and make sure the backup process is successful. whatsapp plus apk3. Uninstall the official version of WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp, go to Settings »Apps» Whatsapp »Uninstall. whatsapp plus for iPhone4. Next on your cellphone, go to the Settings »Security menu and check the Unknown sources section. WhatsApp Plus 20185. Install WhatsApp Plus, press the AGREE AND CONTINUE button.
6. Enter and verify your telephone number. whatsapp plus features
7. Press restore latest backup to recover your conversation files.
8. Enter your name and profile photo.

WhatsApp Plus Apk 2018whatsapp plus for Android

6. Notify If There Is An Error Link

Please cooperate. If there is a link that has an error or an APK file that has an error (cannot be uploaded), please report it in the comments column to be corrected immediately.

For each version, I provide a backup link (Mirror) so if one of them is an error you can still use another link.

7. Disclaimer

Here downloadiosapps.com only provides the APK file, not as the party who created or developed the MOD WhatsApp Plus. As such, any changes to the application are beyond our responsibility and control.

Meanwhile, the APK file on this site will always be updated following the availability of the latest version. Please bookmark this page.

8. FAQ

Q1: Is it safe to use WhatsApp Plus?
Q2: Is WhatsApp Plus available for iPhone devices?

No, for now there is no iOS version of WhatsApp Plus available.

Q3: Can I use two WhatsApp applications on one device?

All you can do is integrate it with other WhatsApp mods like GBWhatsApp. So that on your mobile there will be two WhatsApp applications: WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp.

In fact, you can use 3 WhatsApp applications in one device consisting of WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp.
Q4: What is the difference between WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp and with OGWhatsApp?

No difference. It’s just that, to be able to install WhatsApp Plus, you need to delete or uninstall the official version of WhatsApp while GBWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp don’t, you can still use the official version of WhatsApp along with GBWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp.

Q5: Should I install the official version of WhatsApp to be able to use WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, you need to uninstall the official version of WhatsApp to use WhatsApp Plus. Or if you don’t want to delete the official version of WhatsApp, use GBWhatsApp instead of WhatsApp Plus.

Q6: I downloaded it, but how come it can’t be installed?

That’s because you haven’t uninstalled or uninstalled the official version of WhatsApp.

Q7: WhatsApp Plus I continue to display the notification “Checking for new messages”, what’s wrong?

That can be due to the weakness of your cellular network or internet connection. The first solution that you can try is to turn off all connectivity by activating Airplane Mode then turning on connectivity again by deactivating Airplane Mode.

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