Download WhatsApp Aero Apk 7.91 Latest Version 2019

WhatsApp Aero Apk for Android is available now and you can Download WhatsApp Aero Apk v7.91 after this latest version of 2019. Even WharsApp Aero for iPhone is possible. For those of you who want to change the look of WhatsApp on their cellphone it becomes more futuristic you can try using WhatsApp Aero. That is one of the newest WhatsApp MODs developed by Turkish modder named Hazar which has a super unique appearance. In addition to the cool appearance of WA MOD, this one has various features to meet the needs of daily communication like WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Aero

Name: WhatsApp Aero
Version: 7.91
File Size: 60 MB
Requirest Android: 4.0+
Developer: Hazar

Review WhatsApp Aero Apk 2019

WhatsApp Aero was developed using bassed YOWhatsApp which of course for WA MOD users is very familiar with the features of YOWA.

WhatsApp Aero comes with a very cool display, namely the position of a slightly larger profile photo in the center of the home page header, plus the curved header decoration making it look more futuristic.

As for the WhatsApp Aero navigation button, it is positioned at the bottom with custom icons added with a new chat button circle which is positioned in the middle of the navigation so that it looks cooler.

There are two default theme choices, namely dark / dark themes with a blend of purple and white themes with a blend of green. Users can change the theme according to taste through the Aero Mods settings page> Aero Themes.
Besides having a cool look, this WA Aero has various features that users can use to meet chat needs. What are the plus features? Let’s look at the reviews below.

Features WhatsApp Aero Apk

whatsapp aero apk

Aero Themes

If you are bored with the look that is being used, you can use the Aero Themes feature to find other cool themes. Available theme settings that you can download and install for free.


Like other WhatsApp MOD, WhatsApp Aero also has a fairly complete privacy feature and description:
• Hide online status
• Disable message forwarding
• Block calls from unknown numbers
• Manage calls only only from predefined numbers
• Not visible when viewing friend status
• Anti delete status
• Anti delete messages
• Only show a blue check after the message has been returned
• Hide the blue check
• Hide check two
• Remove typing status
• Remove the status of recording voicemail
• Remove the MIC button on the chat page

MOD Universal

Through universal settings you can access all MOD features. From starting to choose the language for the application, choosing the emoji variant, activating the feature always online, activating Tenor / Giphy GIF Provider, extending the video status duration to 5 minutes and many more features you can try. You can find this universal MOD through Aero Mods> Universal.

Settings Various Media

Users can set the maximum resolution for each image that will be sent via WhatsApp. The maximum image size that the user can apply is 18MB.

Then the user can also deactivate the image sending limit feature, which means the user can send 90 images at a time in 1 message.

In addition to images, users can also set maximum limits for each video and audio sent via WhatsApp. Users can implement sending video and audio up to 700MB in size.


If you are afraid that the WhatsApp application will be hijacked by someone else, then on WhatsApp Aero the user can be calm because it is equipped with security features without additional applications. The available security modes are PATTERN and PIN. And it is equipped with recovery questions to strengthen the password that you apply to maintain the security of your WhatsApp account.

That was the review of WhatsApp Aero’s appearance and a discussion of its features. Actually there are still many features that you can explore on your own. If you are interested in trying it, you can download the latest WhatsApp Aero APK file via the download button below.

Download WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero was developed with the package which means the Clone version. So to install it you don’t need to uninstall WhatsApp Official on your mobile. But make sure you use this WA Aero with a phone number that is different from your main WhatsApp.


How to install WhatsApp Aero Apk

1. First download the APK file via the download button above. You will be directed to the online storage site Wait 60 seconds until the download button on the site appears.
2. Make sure the download process works 100% so that the installation process can succeed. Before starting the install process, make sure that your cellphone has allowed to install APK files from outside the Google Play Store. If not, then allow it first through Mobile Settings> Security> enable Unknown Sources / Unknown Sources.
3. Then you can immediately start the installation process like installing APK baiasa. Wait until the application package installation process is complete.
4. After completion, you can directly open WhatsApp Aero through the drawer application on your mobile. Then login use a different number with your main WA.
5. After logging in to change the theme, on the start page please tap the menu icon point 3 located at the top right, then select Aero Mods> Aero Themes> Download Aero Themes> search for themes that you like to click Appply to apply.

Thus the WhatsApp Aero review that the admin can convey to all readers. Hopefully this review is useful and can add insight and the latest information about WA MOD for all readers. Good luck and hopefully you like how it looks.

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