What is VPN on iPhone? This is Answer

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What is VPN on iPhone? Let’s dive in to see the answer. So, what is a VPN on the iPhone? and what can you get from that? here’s the answer. General setting in the Settings application, there are many features and functions that might confuse new users such as Background Application Refreshments, Restrictions, and VPN. I have explained two of the previous post and today, we will discuss the next one – VPN. So, What is VPN on iPhone? and what can you get from that?

what is vpn on iphone

What is VPN on iPhone 2019 ?

VPN is short for “virtual private network”. This is often a popular technology which makes an encrypted personal connection among your iPhone / iPad along with a remote VPN server. The VPN server then proxies your connection to the website, making it more difficult for website to track you online.

do i need vpn on my iphone

In other words, utilizing a VPN means varying your online location, defining it as appear like you will be exploring from another place in the world than that you are actually. And not only the VPN that is used on the iPhone, it is actually used for all other devices that use the Internet.

Why use VPN?

Based on the information I gave above, you can easily guess the purpose of using VPN, right?

  • More access – Using a VPN will make the website or server think you are browsing from another country than where you really are because it provides you with a new virtual IP address. Some websites or games block users in certain countries so using a VPN is a good solution to get rid of restrictions.
  • More Privacy & Security – When you visit a website, you browsing activity is hidden from other WiFi users. This means it is more difficult for the site to track you, increase your privacy even further.

How to use VPN on iPhone

When using VPN on iPhone, there are 2 good ways:

  • Using special applications offered by VPN services
  • Setting up a VPN manually

Using a dedicated VPN app

Because you are just starting out, I will introduce you to a simple and free application. Its name is Opera Free VPN. You can download this application for free from the App Store.

After you download the application, you only need to follow the instructions. When the pop-up says “Opera VPN Wants to Add VPN Configurations” appears, click Allow.

vpn configuration iphone

After the VPN configuration is added, you can start using VPN immediately. Change to the Settings tab, here you may enable/disable VPN, block Ads or stop this tracker from following you over the web.

best free vpn for iphone

You might notice that there is a new toggle for VPN added in the Settings application. And when you navigate to Settings> General > VPN, you will also see a new VPN configuration called Opera VPN added.

You can change the current visual area by tapping the flash icon located in the upper right corner. This will reveal a list of all available areas.

Very easy to use, right? You don’t need to mess up the iOS’VPN settings, which we will discuss in the next section – just launch the application and turn it on.

Setting up VPN configurations manually

To set up a VPN manually, go to Settings> General> VPN> Tap “Add VPN Configuration”. When your VPN is available through your workplace, require information which includes protocols, server information, accounts, passwords, amount of encryption (if needed) and fills out the blanks.

what is the vpn on my iphone

After your VPN configuration has been successfully added, you can use the button under the Settings application to enable/disable VPN on your iPhone.

Hope you enjoy and understand What is VPN on iPhone?. If you have questions about VPN, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments section. In my next post, I will show you post that are more useful and interesting, so keep visiting our post.

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