7 Tips Pro to Master the Beginning of the Game PUBG

Follow These 7 Tips Pro to Master the Beginning of the Game: Mastering the start of the game is very important for the survival of players in PUBG Mobile. Because it’s just a misstep, and you won’t be able to survive until the end of the game. iOS Apps will share 7 tips which of course can help you master the beginning of the game and smooth your path to the Chicken Dinner! Let’s look at the following tips.

Tips Pro to Master the Beginning Game pubg

Know the Location to Be Crowded

First Find Out Locations That Will Be Crowded

Each map on PUBG Mobile has its own large locations that are crowded with visitors. It is important for you to identify any popular locations and quiet locations.

If you want fast action and lots of items, then of course large locations like Pochinki or School are strongly recommended. However, such a large location is quite dangerous, because there are many players who will take part in the location.

If you want to go through a calming start, then small locations that don’t have names on maps can be the right choice. Maybe you will only find quite a few items, but so will the number of players going to that place.

Be the First to Land

Falls as Fast as Possible!

Whether you want to land in a large location or a remote location, it is very important to be the first to land on the ground or roof.

If there are no enemies, then you can loot the item calmly. However, if there are enemies who follow you and jump in the same location, it is important to be the first to land because you can search for weapons first and immediately kill your enemy.

We also have a guide on how to jump fast, and you can read how to do it here.

See Enemies Around when Parenting

Monitor Your Surroundings When Parenting

When you jump off the plane, there will be times when your parachute will open automatically. When you are parading, look around you and see if there are enemies who jump with you or not.

This is quite important because you can guess how many enemies will be around you and how far they land. Especially if you land in a crowded and large location.

Take Any Weapon

Any weapon will help you at the start of the game

When you first set your foot on the ground or roof, it is important to pick up any weapons that you meet first.
Maybe you only meet the Crossbow and don’t feel good, it’s okay to take it. Because any weapon will be better to help you defend yourself than not having weapons at all.

Take advantage of the Building Edge

Peeping from Balik Tembok is very useful

If you play Third-Person Perspective (TPP), then you can certainly use the technique of peering from behind a building or wall.

It also helps you to see the enemy without being seen by the enemy. Peeking at the enemy can also help you to plan and follow up on what the next step is.

Large locations such as urban or rural areas are the right locations to take advantage of peeping techniques because of the many scattered buildings. Be careful because the enemy can also peek at your movements from behind the wall.

Find Your Enemy First

Aim for your enemy first

If you know the enemy is in the same location as you, it is important for you to find your enemy before the enemy who finds you.

By finding enemies first, you can find out their location and more easily plan your next move. Whether you want to attack or maybe wait for them to approach your position, you can plan it all if you find your enemy first.

Choose Easier Enemies

Aim for enemies that you think are easier

Maybe you are in an urban area, and you know there are many enemies around you. If you want to survive in that area, then you need to finish off your enemies to reduce the threat.

First, know in advance where the location of your enemies is. If you have, then determine which enemy you will more easily finish first. Reducing the number of enemies will make it easier for you to move more freely and make plans easier.

The beginning of the game is quite crucial, because it can determine the smoothness or failure of your life. Follow the 7 tips above and you can get through all the obstacles much easier.

What about the tips above? Do you have other tips? You can share your opinions and share this article!

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