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Score Hero for iPhone is available now and you can Download Score Hero for iOS after this latest version of 2019. Even Score Hero Apk is Possible. Score! Hero is an advanced game from First Touch which is included in the list of best-selling games in the App Store. They way the game is unique is different from most football games in general, here you don’t control all the players in the team but only one player. In the competition you don’t participate in all competitions but only a few core matches. Aspect of Game Score Hero for iPhone this is quite captivating because the elements of the struggle are very strong, for example: in some matches your soccer team may be behind a few goals and have to catch up, while in other matches, you who control a single player must try to score the winner in the last minute.

The idea is that you always participate in important moments in each game, both by scoring goals and helping the progress of the match. What’s interesting is that this game is set in a series of levels which will be split into several seasons. In each level you can get 1-3 stars. In some levels you have to score in the corner of the goal to get three stars, while on another level you may have to score from twenty maters. Control the game Score Hero for iPhone The is quite common, slide your finger along the screen to trace the ball. This way you can add effects to the ball and also make headers and other movements, Oh yes here you can also make adjustments to your players such as ability customization, the right formation and so on.

Score Hero for iPhone

Score Hero for iOS on iPhone 2019

Overall this soccer game is very entertaining because besides being supported by interesting gameplay and easy controls, it also has good graphics. And the most important thing here is that this soccer game offers a different playing experience than other soccer games that we usually meet. Well the end of the word if you are interested in this game but want to try the way to play it easier then Score Hero for iOS is the choice, for that admin has prepared the download link here for free.

All iOS apps can be downloaded from iTunes. I still prefer to download from iTunes on the laptop. You can download all the iOS apps and games you want. When there is a newer version of the iOS app, the app will give a warning that needs updating but it can still be installed on iPhone and iPad.


Score Hero iPhone/iPad like apps features list

Score! Hero offers many unique features to people. These features have contributed a lot to its popularity. For this reason, most people prefer to use it.

  • More than 580 levels and growing
  • New Score! A machine that allows more freedom and strategic games than ever before!
  • Simple to play, difficult to master
  • Intelligent Al adapts to your pass, and shooting makes each game different
  • Connect with Facebook to compete with your closest friends!
  • App Store & leaderboard achievements to see who ranks top!
  • Sync progress between devices with App Store Cloud!
  • Interesting Story mapping your rise from a teenager aspiring to be a player who made it big!
  • Limited-time World Hero events available!
  • Unique promotions throughout the summer
  • Traditional Chinese support
  • Bug fixes

Score Hero users are higher in number because of the rare and useful features. Whether you’re an Android user or an iPhone user, you can customize your device well with Score! Hero. It’s updated from time to time and their notice will be brought to you on the updates. So you can expand the use of this app with the latest updates.

You will find many opportunities and have many features in your device with Score Hero for iPhone. Observe with Score Hero to find users you can add to make your smartphone more convenient. In my next post, I’ll introduce you to a more useful and interesting post, so keep visiting our post.

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