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Download RC YOWhatsApp (YOWA) v7.81 Latest iOS APK 2019 – One of the WhatsApp MOD for Android that has a stunning display is RC YOWA. This MOD was developed by Richar Correa using based YOWhatsApp. All looks are adopted from WhatsApp iOS / iPhone which is certainly very cool and elegant.

But in the latest version, which is 7.81, the display of RC YOWhatsApp is increasingly being developed so that it has many cool home style options so that users are not bored with one look. In addition to display modifications, of course this MOD is also equipped with additional features that are sufficient to support communication needs.

RC YOWhatsApp

One feature that has just been added to the latest version is anti-forward messages and anti-delete status. In addition there are variants of emoji that are ported for this MOD, namely emoji from Facebook, Emoji One V3 and emojis from Android 8 Oreo. Of course with more varied emojis can add excitement when you send text messages via WhatsApp. The following is the admin summarizing the latest RC YOWhatsApp features.

RC YOWhatsApp feature


Each WhatsApp MOD is equipped with additional privacy features that the official version does not have. For RC YOWA you can access privacy settings through the YoMods page. What are the privacy features that can be activated? Here’s the explanation.

• Free last seen (hide online status)
• Disable forwarded (your message cannot be forwarded by the recipient)
• Choose who can call your WhatsApp (Everyone, my contacts, My contacts except …, Select contacts or none at all)
• Custom privacy
• Not detected when you see a friend’s status
• Anti-delete status (friends who have deleted their status can still see)
• Anti-delete message (your friend can’t retrieve the message after it’s sent)
• Only show blue ticks after replying to the message
• Privacy for Contatc and Groups

– Hide blue ticks and two ticks
– Hide the MIC button on the chat page
– Hide typing status / when typing
– Hide recording / when recording voice messages

Media Sharing Enlarged

As we know that now WhatsApp can also be used to send document files such as PDF, Word, Txt, .Zip, .APK, images, videos and more. But this feature still has size limitations, for example, you are only allowed to send 16MB video files. Upload story videos are limited to 30 seconds, if the duration of the video is longer it will be cut into sections. Here are some features of media sharing that were enlarged on RC YOWA.

• Send full resolution images up to 18MB in size
• Send video files up to 701MB in size
• Send audio files up to 701MB in size
• The limit for sending images from a mobile gallery is increased to 90 with just one click

MOD Universal

In addition to the above features, RC YOWhatsApp also has an additional MOD which is incorporated into universal settings. To access this modifier, on the start page Tap Icon point 3 in the upper right corner, then select YoMods, finally select Universal. Some MODs that you can activate are as follows.

• Available language choices including Indonesian
• Choose Facebook emoji variants, Emoji One V3 and Android O
• Select the emoji variant from the old version of WhatsApp
• Select the launcher icon for WhatsApp
• Activate the multi chat feature (only support for Android Lollipop up)
• Disable Heads-Up notification
• Activate always online
• Giphy GIF Provider
• Deactivate the message counter badge
• Activate video duration for stories with a duration of 5 minutes without snippets

Well, that’s the main additional features that exist on RC YOWhatsApp. Although many features are added, but still stable and lightweight run on Android that has standard specifications though because the size is not more than 36MB. If you want to try the latest version of WhatsApp MOD iPhone. Please download the RC YOWhatsApp APK file via the link button admin has provided below.

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Download RC YOWhatsApp

Good news, currently the float has launched version 2 or commonly called the Clone. So later you can install it simultaneously with WhatsApp Official. But if you choose Unclone version, it means you have to replace the main WhatsAppp installed on your cellphone. And don’t forget for those of you who choose the Unclone version, you must first back up all chat history in your main WA.

Name: RC YOWhatsApp
File Size: 35.71 MB
Version: 7.81
Requirest Android: 4.0+
Last Updated: March 2019
Developer: Richar Correa


RC Twhen Mess


RC Green Blue

RC IOS White


How to Download RC YOWhatsApp

All files download the host admin to the online storage site To download the file please wait 60 seconds until the download button on the website appears. After the download button appears, please press the button then the APK file will automatically be saved to your mobile’s internal / external memory. Wait until the download is completely 100% so that the APK file is not damaged.

How to install

1. Tap the download button above to save the APK file to your mobile.
2. During the download process, for those of you whose cellphone has not allowed to install an APK file from a third party or outside the Play Store, please allow it first. How: enter Mobile Settings> Security> activate Unknown Sources.
3. Next open the File Manager on your mobile, look for the RC YOWhatsApp APK file that was downloaded earlier, please run the install process. Wait until it’s finished.
4. After the installation process is complete, you can immediately run it and then log in using your mobile number. If you choose the Clone version you must log in with a different number with the main WhatsApp number.
5. Next for those of you who choose the Unclone version, please restore all chat history that was backed up earlier.
6. The installation process has finished displaying still normal, you can proceed to how to install the XML XML theme below.

How to Install an iOS XML Theme

Most users are confused about how to install the iOS theme. So in this article the admin will explain in detail so that it is easily understood by all readers.

1. Download the iOS 12 XML theme admin has provided the download link above.
2. After the download is complete, open the File Manager on your mobile. Search for files that were downloaded earlier, usually stored in the Download Folder.
3. The file is still in the form of .zip so you must extract it first. How to extract Zip, please select the .zip theme file then select the point 3 icon in the upper right corner then select the Zip Extract menu.
4. After the extraction process is complete, a new folder will be created.
5. Open RC YOWhatsApp on your cellphone, on the start page select the point 3 icon then select YoMods then select YoThemes.
6. Next select Load Themes. Then look for the XML theme file that was extracted earlier.
7. Finish. Please restore the YOWA Rc, the display will change automatically.

Easy enough right?

So admin can share about the latest version of the 2019 RC YOWhatsApp review that was just released. If you still have questions about RC YOWA you can ask the admin via this blog contact. Hopefully useful and can increase your knowledge. Good luck!

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