How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC Using Tencent Gaming Buddy

How to Play PUBG Mobile Emulator on PC Using Tencent Gaming Buddy: Player Unknown’s Battle Ground or more commonly abbreviated as PUBG, is a phenomenal battle royal game today. Almost all people, both adults and teenagers, are very fond of playing games made by the tech giant from China, Tencent. From the first release in March 2017, the PUBG PC has been played by nearly 1 million people, as reported by the “buy-sell” website game, Steam. PUBG Mobile EmulatorUntil finally, Tencent released the mobile version of PUBG so that it could be played by all groups, wherever and whenever. Specially, PUBG Mobile can be played for free without having to buy a license first. Instead of playing PUBG games on a PC for free, some users use an emulator for android on a PC.

In order to accommodate mobile users, Tencent officially issued a PUBG Mobile Emulator for PC which can be downloaded for free. This special PUBG emulator is designed so that users who use it are not confused about keyboard mapping.

Users don’t have to bother setting keyboard mapping, because after running, this mobile PUBG emulator is automatically configured properly. Then, how do you install and download a PUBG Mobile emulator on a PC? Expect this article to run out!

How to Install PUBG Mobile Emulator on PC

1. Download Emulator PUBG Mobile for laptop / PC via the official page. emulator pubg2. After the download process is complete, please install the Tencent Gamming Buddy emulator. emulator pubg download3. The next step is downloading and installing mobile PUBG on the emulator. play pubg mobile on pc without emulator4. The installation process is complete. emulator pubg pcThus is the guide for downloading and installing PUBG Mobile Emulator for PC / Laptop. Please note, the PUBG Emulator version is currently in Beta status, which means it is still in the stage of development and improvement. But as long as it is used, no serious bugs or crashes have been found.

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