10 Best Pro Tips for PUBG Mobile to Get that Chicken Dinner

10 Best Pro Tips PUBG Mobile! Why PC PUBG Players Can Dominate PUBG Mobile!: With the release of PUBG Mobile, many PUBG PC players tried to play the game and dominated the beginner players easily at PUBG Mobile.

You want to know, why can they easily win a chicken dinner? Today we will reveal 10 Tips on how to play PUBG Mobile like a pro, which you can easily apply to PUBG Mobile!

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1. Don’t Fight If You Are Dying

Always fight your enemies when your blood is full. In PUBG, every battle with an enemy will be very important for your life and death, therefore it is important for you to know how to deal with dangerous situations.
If you watch pro PUBG players, they never fight when their blood is low. You can use a first aid kit to fill your blood up to 75% and use painkillers or energy drinks to fill your blood back to 100% (energy drinks or painkillers can also make you run fast)

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2. Reload, Reload and Reload!

Always remember to reload your weapon fully even though you just fired one bullet. It is very important that you reload the weapon to the full, because the damage to each weapon is different. Maybe you think that using an SMG weapon with 10 bullets is a good idea, but if your shots are all missed and you have to reload when your enemy has an Assault Rifle with a bullet that is still full, it’s the same you’re dead.

3. When You Are Shot – RUN & JUMP!

When you are being shot at by your enemy in the open without any protection, you better start running zig zag while jumping! You can try to shoot back your enemy if you already know their location, but never stand in place!
It would be very difficult for someone to shoot you when you keep moving, rather than stay in one position.

4. Use the Advantages of a Higher Place

Pro players will better understand the use of location and advantages from a high place. If you are in a high place, you can see around you and move the enemy more easily. Then it will be easier for you to see other players who are lying down and crawling.
If you can search for high locations such as floor buildings and hilltops, new players tend to be more unconscious about their surroundings, and make them an easy target for pro players who use this tactic.

5. Sound Indicators Are Life Saviors!

As a new player, you might never think that sound is very important in this game. Pro players will play PUBG Mobile with audio and earphones, which makes it easy for them to identify shots, vehicles, and even footsteps!
Besides listening to the sound, the minimap can also indicate the position from which the sound comes from!
In the minimap, you can also see the character icon which is represented by color (if you have a team) or only gray (if you play solo). In front of your character icon, there will be a white cone indicating which direction your character is looking.

There are three types of indicator icons in the mini map:

i) Shot icon (represented by a bullet) that tells you where the shot came from.
ii) The Footstep icon that tells you if someone is around you.
iii) Vehicle icon (represented by a tire) which indicates the position of the vehicle coming.
If you adjust the white cone in front of your character icon with an indicator icon, you can see where the sound is coming from.

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6. Predicting Your Enemy Position

If you can detect which location might be the position of your enemy via the minimap and sound indicator, better players can guess or predict the enemy location correctly. Many players like to take shelter behind trees or inside buildings.
This comes from experience and of course from the many battles that have been won by pro players with many scenarios, therefore they are easier to understand the psychology of other players.

7. Use 3rd Person Views

The big mistake that new players don’t learn is how to use the views of 3rd person (third person). Usually they immediately ran through without checking the danger around them. Sometimes someone can follow you from behind and have the habit of using a 3rd person view can be a life savior!
Pro players also use a 3rd person view to see the corner of the room that will be entered or look behind, it can minimize unnecessary movement when hiding.

8. Understanding the location of the boot and the danger that covers it

Pro players can take advantage of their location to benefit themselves! After playing the same folder continuously, you will know the location better – wherever the location is to be a sniper or any dangerous location and you have to be more careful.
Be careful of unique locations like the church at the top of Pochinki – locations like this can be a nest of snipers!
If you want to study any location to find a loot you can see it in our map here.

9. Play Zone Specifies Your Movement Route

If you still don’t understand about the “Play Zone” or “Circle”, you can find out more by reading it here.
A good player must know you can keep looking for the loot and time to enter the play zone. The initial circle in PUBG Mobile will still be a location large enough for you to move, you can search the loot safely on the inside and outside of the white circle because the damage given will not be too painful in this initial phase.
But if you are located too far from the first white circle, you might want to move to a closer location before you start looking for the loot.

After the game progresses to the final phase, the play zone will be smaller than before and you should no longer search for the loot outside the play zone. Try to stay in the smaller play zone because the damage from the danger zone will be very painful!

10. Situation Planning

By understanding the terrain, plane path, and distance from the playing zone, pro players can predict the movements of the enemy and plan their tactics according to that movement.
For example, if you know the plane moves from East to West and you land in the West, you can estimate the enemy’s movements will come from the East (if the play zone is in your location). This will allow you to move freely and only check the East with the occasional.

Bonus Tip:

Never shoot a target if you are not sure you can kill them! This can actually provoke enemies around you and expose your position. Wait for a better opportunity or just relax. Try the tips above and give your comment if these tips can make you better when playing PUBG Mobile! If you have other tips please share, and tell us!

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