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Pokemon Go for iOS is available now and you can Download Pokemon GO for iOS after this latest update 2019. Even Pokemon Go Mod Apk is possible. Pokemon Quest Apk is an idle RPG Game where you as a player will be present on the island of Tumble cube to search not only Pokemon but also for cooking. I say idle because there is an automatic feature in the game that makes you officially do nothing during the game. As always, you will initially start an adventure with one Pokemon only. After that, you have to fight against various other Pokemon Go for iOS to create a team consisting of 3 Pokemon. The adventure area is indeed chosen by yourself as a coach, but during the adventure, Pokemon will fight on their own. You can take over when they have to do a special move, but it does not change much in the situation. After each adventure, you will get some strength stones and come cooking ingredients. And you can cook it to invite all kinds of new Pokemon to be your friend. There are a variety of recipes you can take to invite Pokemon more specifically, so make sure you cook using different ingredients.

For the fight itself, you will be placed in a certain area where each area is divided into several levels. Each level has its own score that you should pay close attention to. If the score on your three Pokemon Go for iOS is fewer that then score on a certain level then clearly the Pokemon team will lose. Each level takes about 2-3 minutes. In it, your Pokemon will fight with the various Pokemon that come in rotation. Each level is different but mostly consists of 3-4 fights. If you manage to defeat some of the enemy’s battles, then you can fight the boss that is marked with bigger Pokemon than the others. If you lose, then your Pokemon will turn into a ball and after a while can live to fight back. If you are unlucky and your Pokemon is no longer alive, then you must choose between willing to leave the ingredients of food, or using TM points that can be reproduced using real money. Honestly, it’s hard not to recommend games that are available for free. Moreover, this is a Pokemon game, which is definitely not a game carelessly. But on the other hand, I always try to open to say that a game does not feel good to play.

Pokemon Go for iOS

Pokemon Go for iOS on iPhone 2019

Unfortunately, I can not decide which is worse or better on Pokemon Quest. The problem is that both are the same here. I play this game regularly and I lie to say that this game is not fun. There are three unique things here and all three I like. I love the simple gameplay, I love the new look style from PokeGo ++ / Pokemon Go IPA for iPhone, and I also like the fact that in Pokemon Quest there is an RPG mechanism that can be easily understood by everyone. But on the other hand, there are two things that make me a little worried. Here we are not playing seriously. This is one game that just needs us as a player to watch it because everything happens automatically. The rest and the main concern is the potential to hook gamer by providing a real challenge in the game. I am just afraid that this game will be simply forgotten by gamer because they are bored with the mechanism that is too simple and does not provide a challenge at all. I am very happy to know that we finally found a new Pokemon game that does not follow the Pokemon Go for iOS style game at all. Not for some reason indeed, but seeing the happened in the genre of battle royale and puzzle, I was quite hit by boredom when to be faced with the same game with different themes.

All iOS apps can be downloaded from iTunes. I still prefer to download from iTunes on the laptop. You can download all the iOS apps and games you want. When there is a newer version of the iOS app, the app will give a warning that needs updating but it can still be installed on iPhone and iPad.

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Pokemon Go iOS / iPhone Like Apps features List

Pokemon Go offers many unique features to people. These features have contributed a lot to its popularity. For this reason, most people prefer to use it.

  • Use the warning feature
  • Increased accuracy of Poke Ball
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved the Medal icon
  • Rename Call
  • Battery saving feature
  • The visual addition of Team Leaders
  • Nearby Pokemon
  • Minor text Fixes

Pokemon Go Apk Users are higher in number because of the rate and useful features. Whether you’re an Android user or an iPhone user, you can customize your device well with Pokemon Go iOS. It’s updated from time to time and their notice will be brought to you on the update. So you can expand the use of this app with the latest updates.

You will find many opportunities and have many features in your Device with PokeGo++ / Pokemon Go for iOS. Observe with Pokemon Go to find users you can add to make your smartphone more convenient. In my next post, I’ll introduce you to a more useful and interesting post, so keep visiting our post.

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