How to fix iPhone not charging & Port not Working

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How to fix iPhone not charging & Port not Working, is now available here and you can How to fix iPhone not charging for iPad after the latest update in 2019. Is now available here. Although the iPhone is among the most effective smartphones across the world, some people still encounter some silly errors when using it each day. One of these is receiving the “iPhone not charging” message if you have to plug the charger into your device.

A message will be displayed if you have cheap non-Apple charger power. If they can, you can use Apple’s power cable, repairing errors can also occur due to firmware problems while on the operating system. Therefore if you are burdened with problems related to this, it is very important before choosing the latest cable or Apple service center.

iPhone not charging

How to Fix iPhone not Charging

Realize that once you get another error message including “iPhone not charging will never be certified and will not function reliably with this iPhone/iPad“, you may solve it while using solution below while doing so.

this accessory may not be supported

1. Remove dust from the charging port and the cable

Dust is among the most popular cause of this error. If you’ve never cleaned the charger port of this iPhone, odds are dust or pocket lint can get caked within it. Inspect each the charging port plus the cable using a bright light, and clean these with a toothpick or even old toothbrush.

When you clean each of them, plug the cable in the power socket and charger your iPhone. If you error message still turns up, next go from your next solutions. this accessory may not be supported error

2. Restart the device

Immediately Turn off your iPhone with all the plugs that you installed after restarting.

3. Do a trick

I noticed this solution somewhere on the internet & it really works with my girl friend’s iPhone. So let’s test it out:

  1. Connect the charger with your device.
  2. When your iPhone vibrates and an error message appears, hold your finger (firmly) on the close button and pull the charger out. Stay resistant.
  3. Plug the charger back after which release your finger.

4. One more trick – Turn on Airplane Mode

  1. Connect the charger to your device.
  2. When you have your error message, discount it all.
  3. Turn on Airplane mode.
  4. Turn off your device, and wait 2 minutes, switch it on.

5. Change the cable

Just try another charging cable. You may use the official Apple cable or simply a high-quality OEM cable. Once this solution really works for you, maybe your old charging cable may broken somehow and this was creating a non-proper connection.

6. Check the Adapter and power supply

You adapter might not be providing enough power. Be sure that you are utilizing the correct adapter using the standard quantity of power to your device.

Then verify the power supply also, if you work with the USB port on your PC, it might not be supplying adequate power to charge your iPhone or iPad. iphone 6 charging port not working

7. Use jailbreak tweak to bypass unsupported access

It just works best for jailbroken iOS devices running iOS 8.

Well, we’re going to install a tweak named “Support Unsupported Accessories 8“. Since the name speaks itself, this tweak allows support of uncertified cables and accessories on iOS devices.

To download this tweak, head to Cydia and check with the “Support Unsupported Accessories 8” from the BigBoss repository. It really is 100% free. After installing, you’ll be able to work with the cable but without the error message turns up.

Conclusion: I think you can find an answer that helped you can get got rid of whole body message “iPhone not charging“. If you of which did work out fine, do inform us from the comments section below. It can help other iOS users which are searching for a fix for this everlasting problem.

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