Idle Heroes Events 2019: What Are The Next Events and Tips!

Every player of Idle Heroes Events 2019 is often curious to learn about its upcoming events. Continue update from Idle Heroes Events scheduled on our website.

Well, that’s since the event has many effect on that the player makes progress hanging around. It will help them when you get powerful rare heroes and rewards easily.

Idle Heroes Events

What work better next Idle Heroes Event 2019?

idle heroes event calendar

To learn about the events, you need to visit the event menu that is present at the very top right side from the main menu page.

events menu idle heroes

At this time, the cool event brings Login Bonus Event through which will a gamer can wingem gems and heroic summon scroll idle heroesHeroic Summon Scrolls on everyday checking.

Which are the Idle Heroes Events?

A new player finds two kinds of events

1. Weekly Events

These events happen in 7 days. They have two or three events happening within the weekly events.

2. Monthly Events

Events scheduled from the entire month. This events identify will be Fusion, Broken Space, Tavern and Militants.

Usually, any event takes 7 days to complete, and it also starts on Friday at 1 am much like GMT +0. At some time 7-8 events go in concert and also to have fun playing the same weekly event you have to watch for approx per month. Once observing this previous date of the event you can predict its next arriving time.

Listing of monthly Idle Heroes Events

Fusion events

fusion event idle heroesIn the fusion event, any player provides the possiblity to use their four-star and form five-star and six-star fodder.

With this, the player needs to fuse their heroes from the fusion circle. Fusion event is thereby accountable for the increase of the players account.

With every fusion, a player can get the prize. For your maximum rewards, you have to fuse 20 five-star heroes or 8 six-star heroes or 3 nine-star heroes, one ten-star hero.

Fusion Events Table idle heroes

Militants Event

militants event idle heroesSince the name says, the heroes need to battle here. They need to battle outside in the crystal crown league along with trail from the champions.

Here on winning a player can get two points while losing a new player can miss some time.

For winning a prize on this event, all it requires is 500 arena tickets. To help make the most out of that event, a player should focus more within the trail from the champion.

A new player need to make sure to purchase arena tickets from your marketplace and Aspen.

Militants Event Table idle heroes

Tavern Quest Event

tavern quest event idle heroesThis is the many comfortable event among all the monthly events. To have rewards that is a gem with this event a player requires to get a few Traven quests.

Different amounts of quests for many different star heroes will have a player reward. Love to win four-star quest one require a four-star hero and possesses to finish thirty quests together.

Similarly, in the five-star quest, you should complete twenty quests, in six-star quests five quests and seven-stars just two quests. Performing within this event with not much practice is effortless.

Tavern Quest Event Table idle heroes

Broken Spaces Event

broken space event idle heroesIt truly is primarily to the new players. Here they will likely win challenge badges from idle campaign maps you can use to fight event bosses.

After every attack, this player can earn different rewards.

Like for attacking Human-Ghost United, they may win gold rewards, for Hell Strike they may get magic dust rewards, and then for Light-Dark Union they may get Chaos Stone and Monster Soul reward.

broken space bot rewards idle heroes

List from Idle Heroes Weekly Events

Prophet Summon Event

prophet summon event idle heroesWith this event, any player can win rewards from the points they received. So, one have to earn decent points which is why they must use Prophet Orb.

Usually, after gaining 80 points, a player will get all of the prizes. Using Prophet Orb will help with receiving prophet blessing during which a new player may use to switch to five-star heroes.

prophet summon event idle heroes

Heroic Summon Event

heroic miracle event idle heroesFor winning a prize, you have to makes use of the Heroic Summon Scroll. These heroic Summon Scroll will help them in earning points and winning awards.

Every scroll you can get many point, and also earning 500 points, you may win various prizes. Furthermore, you will get lots of rare heroes within this event.

heroic miracle event idle heroes

Casino Event (Wishing Fountain Event)

wishing fountain eventWith this event, a new player would need to spin the wishing fountain to have points. Every spin can get them a wishing coin.

That event is specially advantageous to people that are VIP while they had the oppertunity to spin 10 times at one go.

Being VIP will help with getting discount because they just have to earn 480 chips rather than 600 chips for finishing the big event.

Wishing Fountain Event Old Casino Event

Treasure Chest Event (Gem Boxes)

gem boxes event idle heroesSince the name with the event can be a player can buy treasure chest through their collected gems.

Earning the chest area is very beneficial the way it has several valuable things that they further used in the video game.

Normally a player needs 15k gems for any treasure chest.

Treasure Chest Event

Hero Exchange Event (Altar Event)

hero exchange event idle heroesIt can be among those events in which a player provides the opportunity of having rare heroes.

As an example, a new player using soul stone shards purchases a few of the powerful ultra-rare heroes from Altar store.

Hence it is very important save the soul stone shards because for purchasing the hero a player requires 4000 to 5000 soul stone shards.

Hero Exchange Event Altar Event

Gray Dwarves’ Blessing event

black smith event 2This is a newly started event where the player provides the possiblity to upgrade their heroes to a higher level.

Just like the four-star hero updated to five-star hero, a five-star stays in develop into a six-star hero.

Simultaneously the six-star hero gets used in an exclusive set.

Gray Dwarves 2019 Blessing Blacksmith Event

4 star items vs 5 star items

5 star items vs 6 star items

Login Bonus Event

The Login Bonus from Idle Heroes Event is effortless and advantageous almost every player. It will help them in gaining rewards by preserve checking within it through cool events menu.

Because it organises each month and continues from the entire month, you can participate with this event at any time from the point.

The latest player must have 3100 gemgems , Aleria, four heroic summon scroll idle heroesHeroic Summon Scroll, Starlet and also a complete Hunter set. From your the following month, you will get 930 gems, 90 4 star hero shardx 4 Stars hero shards, a five-star hero and then a four Heroic Summon Scroll.

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