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GBWhatsApp Delta Apk for Android is available now and you can Download GBWhatsApp Delta v1.1.1 after this latest update of 2019. Even GBWhatsapp Delta for iPhone is possible. Download the GBWhatsApp Delta MOD APK Latest Version 2019 – All this time we know that the only modifiers for WhatsApp APK. However, in fact, many Indonesian modders have contributed to developing the WhatsApp feature to become such. One group that is actively modifying APK is The Begal. Currently they have just released the GB WhatsApp Delta version 1.1.1.

Which WhatsApp Delta GB has additional features that are quite complete and already support Indonesian. So for those of you who are still confused about using the features on WhatsApp Plus, then you can switch to this MOD delta. GBWhatsApp Delta

What are the GB WhatsApp Delta Features?

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Cool Default Theme Settings
GBWhatsApp Delta is equipped with some cool default theme settings, you can easily apply the theme with just one click. Here are some default themes that you can activate.

• Light / light theme
• Dark / dark theme
• Transparent Themes (Exclusive only in MOD delta)
• Custom color theme

Privacy Settings
Every WhatsApp MOD is definitely equipped with complete privacy features, like the GB Delta, you can easily set up privacy features because the language already uses Indonesian. What are the privacy settings that can be activated?

• Hide online status
• Disable the blue check status
• Disable the status check two
• Hide typing status on the chat page
• Hide status when recording voice messages on the chat page
• Hide the Blue Mic button on the chat page
• Hide see friend status
• Activate the anti-delete message feature

Settings Media Sharing
It is incomplete if WA MOD sharing media features are not enlarged. Well, on GB WhatsApp Delta you can easily adjust the size of the video files and images to be sent.

• Maximum sending limit of video files can be increased to 50MB (default is only 16MB)
• Can set the limit of sending audio files to 50MB (default is only 16MB)
• Send high-resolution images
• Send photos with original height / width
• Upload high resolution photos for status
• Limit the duration of video status to be increased to 7 minutes (default is only 30 seconds)

Setting MOD Plus

• Lock Mode (lock the WhatsApp application with a password)
• Block voice calls on WhatsApp
• Can change the WhatsApp writing logo with its own name
• Can set the home UI theme
• Can set UI message themes
• Can change fonts with many choices
• You can change the launcher icon with lots of cool choices
• Widget feature

Well, these are the features of GB WhatsApp Delta, you can activate all of their features easily. Actually there are still many other features that admin does not mention, but later you can experiment on your own exploring all the features available in GBWA Delta.

If you are interested in trying out GB Delta, unfortunately the application is not available on the Play Store, you can download the APK file via the button that the admin has provided below. Well, here is the latest version of the APK file and download link for the GB WhatsApp MOD Delta.

Download GBWhatsApp Delta APK

Name: GB WhatsApp Delta
Version: v1.1.1
Last Updated: January 30, 2019
File Size: 32 MB
Develper Deltalabsite .com (Yoyocx)


Theme Default
gb whatsapp delta apk

Latest Version 1.1.1 (Unclone)


Version Clone


Info Update v1.1.1

• Home Style Redesign
• Added Fake search icon
• Fix Home background
• and more …

Old Version


Delta GB WA Alpha v0.0.1

gb whatsapp delta apk v1.1.1At the beginning of 2019, the WhatsApp delta development team released an Alpha version which added some new features to the alpha version, along with a full review:

• Color scheme
• Can add wallpaper on the home page with your own photos
• Customize background colors for text status
• Direct chat, voice calls, video calls without saving contact numbers
• DND Mode (freeze WhatsApp)

For this Alpha version, there is no significant difference. Read more about Delta WA Alpha.

Unclone (com.whatsapp)

Download 34 MB

Clone (id.deltawa)

Download 34 MB

Setting the Curved Navigation Button Below

1. On the home page tap the point 3 icon.
2. Select GB-DELTA Settings then look for the HOME UI menu
3. Select the Home Style menu.
4. Then activate Buttom Navigation View
5. If you want a profile photo in the middle of curved, please activate Profile View
6. For Buttom Navigation View at the bottom, please select Curved Navigationgb whatsapp deltalabs

Home Style GB Deltagb whatsapp delta clone apk

Setting Delta Home Style so that Story is at the Top of the Home Page

1. On the start page tap the point 3 icon in the upper right corner
2. Then select DLETA-GB Settings> Home Ui
3. Select the Home Style menu
4. Then please activate Delta Home Stylehome style gb delta

A little Tips for using the Delta GB Home Style button

• Durable Camera button, for text status updates
• Hold the Home button long, to return to the default view
• Select the three line menu button in the upper right corner to start a new chat, voice call and to send broadcast messages. For other modifications, please experiment.

How to download

To download the method is quite easy, please tap the download button above, then next you will be redirected to the online storage site Wait 60 seconds for the download button to appear. See the picture below to make it clearer.How to download GBWhatsApp delta

How to Install GB WhatsApp Delta APK

1. First, please download the APK file via the button above.
2. During the download process, please go to Mobile Settings then enter the Security menu then activate Unknown Sources (Allow Install applications from outside the Play Store). See the picture below to clarify.
3. Then after the APK file has been successfully stored in your cellphone’s memory, then please proceed to the installation process and wait for it to finish.
4. When finished, you can immediately run GB WhatsApp Delta from your mobile drawer app.
5. Login with your cellphone number, then please backup all the chat history that you have already opened. Wait for the restoration process to finish.
6. Finally, please fill in the nickname for your WhatsApp account.

This is what admin can say about the GB WhatsApp Delta APK that was just released by the Begal team. If you have questions about WhatsApp delta, please contact the admin via this blog’s contact page. Hopefully useful and can increase your knowledge. Good luck!

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