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Download Fouad WhatsApp Apk Mod 7.90 Latest Version of 2019 – Currently there are many emerging Whatsapp modifications that can be used by Android phone users. Even now Whatsapp mod is very easy to install without the need for root access. One of the popular Whatsapp MOD is Fouad Whatsapp which was developed by Fouad Mods. This WA MOD has more features which certainly don’t exist on the standard version of Whatsapp.

Like one of them can easily customize the display with various choices of dancing themes. Of course not only that, also added privacy features that are quite complete. Following is a complete review of the Fouad WhatsApp features.

Fouad WhatsApp

Name: Fouad WhatsApp
File Size: 53 MB
Version: 7.90
Requirest Android: 4.0+
Last Updated: March 2019
Developer: Fouad Mods

Features Fouad WhatsApp Apk Download

1. Privacy Features

Can Hide Online Status
With this feature, you can easily hide online status when you are in the WA application. So your friends won’t know if you are opening a Whatsapp application.

Can Hide Typing Status
When you are typing the message to be sent, your opponent’s chat will find out that you are typing. Well, on Fouad Whatsapp, you can hide it.

Anti Delete Message
The purpose of this feature is that your chat opponents will not be able to withdraw / delete the messages they have sent.

Can Hide Checklist 2 (gray) and Checklist 2 (blue)
This feature can trick your chat opponents. If you activate these two features, then when your friend sends a message, the message status on their cellphone is only a single checklist (as seen as not yet sent). Even though you have read the message. This feature can also be activated for the Group.

Always Online
This feature is the opposite of the online status hiding feature. If you activate this feature, then you will always look online even though you are actually sleeping and not holding a cellphone.
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2. Additional MOD

Can Adjust Video Quality Sent
By default Whatsapp provides a limit when you send a video file that is 16MB. If the size of the video to be sent is larger, then Whatsapp will automatically compress it to a size of 16MB. Well, in Fouad Whatsapp, you can set the video size to 100MB.

Can Maintain Image Quality When Sent
In addition to video files, image files also if it is too large it will be compressed automatically. With Fouad WA you can adjust the size of the image quality to be sent so that it does not reduce the quality of the image’s resolution.

Can Send 90 Images at Once from the Mobile Gallery
By default, you are only allowed to send 10 images. But with this WA MOD Fouad you can send up to 90 images at a time.

Can Send APK, PDF, ZIP and Other Files Up to 700MB
On standard Whatsapp, you are only permitted to send 100MB of document files. But in WA by Fouad Mods you can send video files up to 700MB in size.

Can Increase Video Duration in Up to 7 Minutes Status
If by default, you are only allowed to upload only 30 seconds of video status. But with Fouad WA, you can add the video status duration to 7 minutes without being cut into pieces.

Can Increase the Number of Text Characters Up to 255
If usually you can only write text status with only 155 characters, then with this WA MOD you can add text characters up to 255.

Can Add Group Members Up To 260 In One Group
The price is, you can only create gorup with only 155 members. So in Fouad Whatsapp can create groups of up to 260 members.

There is a Sticker Feature
In Fouad Whatsapp is added a sticker vitur which of course can add excitement when you chat fun on the Whatsapp app.

And of course there are still many additional MOD features that you can use for free. If interested to try Fouad Whatsapp, let’s download the APK file below.

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Download Fouad Whatsapp APK Latest Version of 2019

Fouad WhastApp
Version 7.90 NEW!
With emoji variants
Version 7.81
With Stickers (Unclone) 53MB | DOWNLOAD
Without Stickers (Unclone) 39MB | DOWNLOAD

Difference between Clone and Non Clone Versions

Non Clone Version
The non-clone version is not changed by the packagename (com.whatsapp) so to install it you must first install the standard version of Whatsapp. Don’t forget before uninstalling Standard WA, you must first backup all chat history so that it doesn’t disappear.

Clone version
As for the Clone version, the packagename has been changed to (com.fmwhatsapp) so that it can be installed simultaneously with the standard version of Whatsapp from the Play store. So later on your mobile there are 2 Whatsapp applications with 2 different numbers.
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How to Install / Install Fouad Whatsapp MOD APK

1. First download the APK file via the download button above.
2. Next, after downloading, then before installing if your phone doesn’t allow installing APKs from outside the Play Store then please allow first how to enter Mobile Settings> Security> enable Unknown Sources (Allow installation of applications from outside the Play Store).
3. Then please install the Fouad WA APK file that was downloaded and then wait until the installation process is complete.
4. Next, run Foaud Whatsapp like then then please verify the number you will use.
5. Done, now you can enjoy Fouad Whatsapp with all its features.

FAQ. Regarding Fouad Whatsapp

Q: Is Fouad Whatsapp safe?
A: YES, 100% safe
Q: Can it be installed for iOS?
A: Until now only for Android
Q: Is Root needed?
A: You don’t need root at all

This is what the admin can discuss about the latest version of Fouad Whatsapp APK 2019. Hopefully this article can add your insight about the features of this one Whatsapp MOD. Good luck!

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