Cause of Death in PUBG Mobile? 5 this is the Cause!

Cause of Death in PUBG Mobile? 5 this is the Cause!: The frequency of death at PUBG Mobile is not a good thing. Therefore you must pay attention to some of the things that are the cause.

Let’s look at the following 5 causes of death by Downloadiosapps.

Cause of Death in PUBG Mobile

1. The frequency of landing in a quiet place

The frequency of landing on a quiet placeOften we think that going down in a quiet place is logical when playing PUBG Mobile. But if every play goes down in a quiet place and there are no challenges, the skills you have will become obsolete. To overcome this, make a down schedule at the game, for example every 2 rounds down in a crowded place. By going down in a crowded place, you will be able to add to the fighting skills that you have.

2. Camping inside the building

Camping inside the buildingCamping strategies in buildings are often used by many players. Campers are usually very comfortable and don’t want to leave the building. You should always move around and not stay too long in a building.

3. Silence Without Cover

Silence Without CoverVery often the players make mistakes like shooting enemies while moving in the middle of an open field. Even though the enemy is already inside the house or behind protection. Well shooting or staying in the open is the fault of most players.

Therefore, try to play patiently and do not be in a hurry, always find a place to take refuge before shooting.

4. Too Focused on Something That Doesn’t Look Around

Too Focused on Something That Doesn't Look AroundToo focused on something is not a good thing. For example, when you fight or do looting against other people. You certainly don’t think about some things going forward, like if someone else heard your shot. Or is there someone who is aiming for you around.

Therefore don’t focus too much, but divide your attention to every aspect of the battlefield and be aware of your surroundings.

5. Don’t pay attention to the circle

Don't pay attention to the circleBlue Circle giving damage is a very disturbing thing and can even kill you. Usually the players often forget the gameplay aspects of this one. Even though at the end of the game, the damage given by the Blue Circle is very painful and dangerous. Therefore if you don’t want to always die, try to pay attention to the blue circle that is approaching to your position. How are you guys? Do you often do these things when playing PUBG Mobile? Try changing your habits so that you don’t often die again!

If you have other tips and tricks, write it in the comments field! See also other tips about PUBG Mobile from Downloadiosapps!

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