How to Change the Font on iPhone and iPad

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How to Change the Font on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by jailbreak. Without jailbreak, you cannot change the font size and style on iOS 9, 10, 11, 12. This explains How to Change the Font on iPhone by enlarging and/or thickening it (bold). Unfortunately, you cannot change the iPhone system font using settings or applications. If you want to change the font used in all parts of the iPhone to a completely different font, you must jailbreak the device.

If you want to find a way to change the system font on iOS 9, you have found it in the right post, but jailbreak is required. Without a jailbreak, you can’t change any font on your device. However, you can change the font size directly in the Settings application.

Change the Font on iPhone

How to Change the Font on iPhone 2019

Or you can apply a new font in several applications by using a third-party application called AnyFont. This application does not allow you to overcome How to Change the Font on iPhone systems but works well with applications like Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Keynote, Pages, and more.

1. Changing Font Size and Font Style

Not certain how to decrease or increase font size? Here’s how:

Navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility. how to change iphone font without jailbreak

If you wish to modify the font size, tap on Large Text and after that drag the slider right or left. You can even change to bold text mode using the option below.

2. Changing Fonts without Jailbreak

AnyFont is really a paid app positioned on the App Store for all those iOS devices. You can find it for $1.99. Here’s one step by step guide regarding how to take this app.

1. Install the AnyFont app

2. Find the fonts you want to add

AnyFont supports common font types such as TTF, OTF or TCC. You can see the font you like and then download the one to your laptop. After downloading the font you want and save the font to Dropbox or send it by email yourself the font file as an attachment.

3. Install the fonts

In your iOS device, wide open your Dropbox folder and the email that contain the fonts and the direct link to the font. Select Open in..> Open in AnyFont. different fonts on iphone

Tap the font name with the fonts menu from the app. You’ll notice a new page using a big icon from the center. Tap using that icon for install the font. Also, you can preview the font before installing by pressing the Preview button.

AnyFont will install your font to your configuration profile, which in turn allows the font to get used within other apps. Simply confirm the many warning pages soon you get back on the app. The actual installation is finished. Open the supported apps like KeyNote, Office to view the modification. If you are having fonts not turn up, you might have to close and reopen the app.

3. Changing the system-font using a Jailbreak tweak

We’ll have to install a jailbreak tweak called BytaFont 3. BytaFont will now be readily available when a no-cost package on Cydia’s BigBoss repository. When you have your device jailbroken, then continue with the steps below to allow it the latest look.

1. Install BytaFont 3 from Cydiachange iphone font color

Open Cydia, proceed to the search page and type¬† “BytaFont 3” into the search box. Once the installation is complete, you’ll view a new BytaFont app in your Home screen.

2. Download new fonts

BytaFont 3 doesn’t come with the font data from it. So that we have got to download fonts from Cydia after which it use BytaFont to work with them.

For this, open Cydia and go to Sources > All Sources. Scroll down, search for the ‘Fonts (BytaFont 3)’ section so when finding a tap with it. You’ll find a set of all of the fonts that will be that will work with BytaFont 3. Search for usually the one you enjoy and install it.

3. Apply fonts using BytaFont 3ios font download

Open the BytaFont app, know for chossing the font you wish to apply, you will then be invited to respring. Hit “yes” to respring your device, after it is finished, you’ll view a new font displayed.

what font does apple use

Notice that the tweak automatically makes a backup in the system font. When you want to go back to an original font, visit the Swap Mode tab and then click the “Restore BytaFont Backup” option.

You will find many opportunities and have many How to Change the Font on iPhone. Observe by saving Font on iPhone and iPad to find users that you can add to make your smartphone more comfortable. At the next post, I will introduce you to a more useful and interesting post, so keep visiting our post.

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