Best Offline iOS Games to Play in 2019

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Best Offline iOS Games is available now and you can Download Best offline iPhone games after this latest update of 2019. The Best free games on iPhone click here. The internet will be a very important part of our lives, it is almost impossible to find the Best Offline iOS Games for iOS and applications that can operate without being online. Sometimes it can be frustrating because we Will NOT ALWAYS connect to the internet, right? Sometimes, we run out of 3G data, or sometimes, WiFi passwords are a mystery.

Best Offline iOS Games

Inside the App Store There are various types of offline games, you need to know that offline iOS games turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Therefore, this time the admin will do what is needed for yourself and choose the most preferred Best Offline iOS Games in your case so it’s possible to enjoy a fun time with your iOS device without an active connection to the internet. Please download according to your wishes, which you might have fun:

31 Best Offline iOS Games 2019

1. Alphabear

Aphabears iOS GameAphabears iOS Game is a simple puzzle and lettering game created by Spry Fox in 2015. This game at first glance looks like a scrabble game that you probably already know before, but the difference is, in the game, Alphabear has side tasks which certainly make this game more exciting. Plus a lot of characters that you can get along with Playing this game makes a lot of people really like playing Alphabear games. Download Now siteMoreover, this game can make your add your English vocabulary slowly. Not bad you can leam while playing, rather than you are bored and can only be dumb. Don’t forget Alphabear!

2. Leap Day

Leap Day iOS GameLeap Day is a game that is actually very simple. You will climb to pass the obstacles between the two flanking walls. It may also be similar to some games that have ever existed, but Leap Day is packed with more colors and has unique characters. The hallmark of this game is, every day there will almost always be a new level so you guys are never bored to play it because there are so many different combinations offered by this game. Download Now siteThis game was crowded at the beginning of its release more or less in May 2016, until many YouTubers also uploaded videos playing this game on their accounts. So you also don’t have to miss to play this one game! Guaranteed it will take a long time to bored play it.

3. Score! Hero

Score Hero for iPhoneWell, if this one is usually a toy for boys. Score! Hero is a soccer match game that is packaged more simply than other soccer games. Enough with the touch of a finger, you can create a game beautiful football like the one on television. Even if it’s just like that but the complexity of this game can be said to be quite high. The more you go up to a higher level, you will be required to be able to play beautifully and create spectacular goals. Download Now siteSometimes it’s not easy to be able to meet the standard 3 stars in this game that make your curious how to perfect it. This game likes to make you forget the time and of course, you can kill your boredom if you’re dumb founded. So don’t forget to try it!

4. Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf iOS GameSuper Stickman Golf 3 is a golf game that is given a futuristic touch and additional power-up cards that can make you play golf on your smartphone with more fun. Dozens of unique characters power-up cards that you never imagined to make this game fun to play. Moreover, Super Stickman Golf 3 has a multiplayer feature which will certainly make playing this game even more exciting because it has a balanced opponent. Download Now siteDo not forget you can also play with your friends too! So there is no bored, especially the guarantee that you can laugh together because this game is very predictable. If you want to get bored, this is one of the best choices guaranteed.

5. Beneath the Lighthouse

Beneath the Lighthouse ios gameFor those of you who want a simple game, but still, needs a little though. Beneath the Lighthouse is one game that suits you! Simple how come the gameplay, just the left, and right computer, to help a child find his missing grandfather in the lighthouse. This game is covered with mysterious auras and soothing background music. Download Now siteYou have to try this game, simple and fun. Very suitable for those of you who like to steal time to play games when bored, because the duration of one level is not too long. Evey level of difficulty must make your curious about how to solve it.

6. Threes!

Threes ios gameFor those of you who like 2048 or similar game, but already getting bored with those games, there is one game that is similar to those genre games called Threes. This game won a lot of awards in the years of its release, namely Apple Game of the Years 2014 and Apple Design Award 2014 Winner. Download Now siteEquivalent to his achievements, this game is indeed quite exciting to play when you are bored. Surely you will fight each other high score with your friends who play this game too.

7. Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man 256 ios gameThe collaboration between Hipster Wahle and Bandai Namco produced a game Pac-Man that has evolved better. Adjusting to the times, they made the game Pac-Man more Futuristic. Surely it can cure our missed feelings to be able to play Pac-Man again. and can also be a recommendation for safe games for children. Download Now siteNot only on iOS and Android, Pac-Man 256 also penetrates PCs by attending also via Steam. So you certainly have to try this 2015 release game which will surely kill your boring time.

8. 1010!

1010! ios gameWell, if this one was just released on The App Store a few months ago, and was immediately welcomed by iOS users. Game 1010! is a simple game, where you have to make a line from existing forms. Like the system Tetris, but we can attach the blocks freely, we need to wait for the blocks to come down from the top first. Download Now siteCobain now before you miss the others, because I’m sure 1010! is one of the Best Offline iOS Games now on iPhone and iPad. Simple, fun but can still make you think Best of All!

9. Asphalt 8: Airborne (Free)

Asphalt 8 Airborne iosIf you’re a racing car addict, the game will show to be a switch on for yourself. Asphalt 8: Airborne iOS Game is amazing for everyone who likes racing games. A variety of ultra-fast and smashing cars, stunning graphics and highly interactive, put together with many other functions prevent you pampered and captivated while in the real-time environment. You will find 40+ high-speed racing tracks which are to be launched in Arcade mode, and just what will make it much more amazing may be the multi-player racing experience that you could have fun with as much as 12 opponents. Download Now siteAsphalt 8: Airborne is stuffed with heavy extensions and enhancements too, composing of unique game modes, car collections, career events, mastery challenges, for example. Adjust and update your ride version and launch new location and car collections using the new edition of Asphalt 8: Airborne, and greatest coming from all, you will not need a web connection they are driving your favorite car.

10. Plants vs. Zombies 2 (Free)

Plant vs Zombies 2 iOS GameYou have to keep your yard from zombies. Plants vs. Zombies 2 iOS Games include the second version (just like the title) of the very most successful Plant vs. Zombies game. You could fight in 11 crazy worlds, from Ancient Egypt towards Future and also beyond that.. and 300 levels. There are several challenging zones, mini-games, and lastly, Dr. Zomboss – there to make you one at the conclusion of every world. Download Now siteAnd can we have to remind you-you could play in the game offline? Absolutely not. You now know that. So ready your game and make preparations for wave after wave of zombies.

11. Jumbline 2+ ($1.99)

Jumbline 2 iOS gameJumbline 2 is often an easthetically designed addictive word game which can take anyone to a whole lot of jumbled and messy letters. You should make words through the words given and you could make words five, six, and seven letters. Along words can provide more points and you also quickly advance to a higher level. Jumbline 2 iOS games include two deeper games: Cloud Pop, for which you have got to pop numerous clouds as you possibly can by spelling words within the cloud, and Star Tower, in Places you build the best stack by developing words from mixed sequences. Download Now siteThe game can be purchased in time on and time-off mode. It is a fun game that you may compete with friends and family globally to battle with their scores and have attention for the leaderboards. Enjoy this game which has a number of updated and updated word dictionaries within the latest version.

12. Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper (Free)

Crossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper iOS GameCrossy Road – Endless Arcade Hopper iOS Game is an arcade game that will end unfortunately no matter how old you are. This is a fun and addictive game where the motto is to take funny 8-bit chickens as far as possible without experiencing death. When you assume chicken characters by default, you can choose another on from 145 different characters. As you progress in the game, you will face various obstades such as rivers, cars, and trains that can cause your chickens to control certain deaths. Download Now siteBut skip the obstacle (by tapping, jumping and moving, and also collecting coins together) and you might also beat the score of your best friend. Keep exchanging between your favorite Disney characters and enjoy this addictive game.

13. Texas Holdem Offline Poker (Free)

Texas Holdem Offline Poker iOS GameIf you like playing Poker, then this Texas Holdem Offline Poker iOS game is specifically designed for you! If offers the best offline poker game ever. It’s simple to play online poker anywhere, anytime, also alone once you do not want to play multi-player. Right here is the best as well as participating time killer game too. When you are a novice at poker, plus there is no reason to worry, mafia wars carries a beginner’s guide which helps you amongst players this chair was created stages within the game. Download Now siteIt is built intelligently with Artificial Intelligence to give you a hard time with your opponent. This game offers five different game levels. You will enjoy every game with amazing and amazing high-quality graphics, powerful but smooth animations, and charming and realistic sound effects.

14. Letterpress – Word Game (Free)

Letterpress – Word iOS GameLetterpress – Word is a very fun, unique and challenging word game. With this Game Letterpress for iOS, you must really overcome other players from various part of the world. You can choose your own player, or Letterpress finds an opponent for you. Get notifications of your turn, chat in real time, and track your performance on the leaderboard where you can find all your game statistics. Download Now siteIt has an amazing and easy to use interface that can also be adjusted. Get ready on the battlefield of words with a new and updated dictionary, and get your position on the leaderboard.

15. Bandland ($0.99)

Badland for iOS gameBadland for iOS was created by Frogmind Games and released in May 2015. Soon, he won Sport of all seasons Edition, and there isn’t any doubt about its validity. The video game starts off with one small black shadow creature that you must secrets for its destination. Download Now site The game consists of four Stages, Dusk, Noon, Night, and Dawn. The machine forms an egg out of the background water. This game is full of excitement and interest. Characters will get success by disabling the machine and the machine will go back to sleep.

16. Pocket Frogs – Free pet farming

Pocket Frogs – Free farming game iOS is probably the best frog game you have ever met. This includes collecting, yachting, and trading froggies. Find more than 35,000 new frogs and develop your own frogs. You will definitely enjoy frog nurseries, navigate them, find new types, exchange them with your friends with high-quality graphics that are beautifully designed. Download Now siteGet a collection of diverse and unique frogs by breeding them. You can customize and win frog habitat, enjoy various items in new games every day and explore the rare and diverse types of frogs in the pond, where you will also find different rewards too. Release the gift and see what your friends are doing!

17. Smurfs’ Village (Free)

Smurf’s Village iOS GameSmurf’s Village iOS game has emerged as one of the most interesting and best village building play games in recent times. This built place to remember the storyline of Smurfs. You can build your own Smurf village by building new mushroom houses, huts, bridges, bakeries, and so on. Download Now siteThis game lets you play games with each related Smurf. Harvest your Smurfs to get more crops and expand your blue village with decorations with gardens, flower chairs, hammocks, and more. You can play in offline mode to manage your own Smurf Village.

18. Bakery Town (Free)

Do you like cakes? Like decorating cakes and making delicious delights? Become a chef and start baking delicious cakes, yummilicious cakes, soothing pies, milkshakes, tea, coffee and more. Prepare delicious delights and add items to your menu to reach more customers. The yummy the items, the more customers. Decorate your own Bread City iOS Games with items of your choice: walls, windows, doors, appliances and more to make it more beautiful and attractive. Download Now siteItems and menu upgrades will eventually make more money. Expand your business by hiring more chefs with exceptional skills, expanding the bakery area, and you can even add floors to your bakery. Show your masterpiece that can be eaten and get it right to become a dream chef.

19. Criminal Case

criminal case iOS GameThe Criminal Case of iOS Games is a user’s all-time favorite game and an addictive problem-solving game where you join Grimsborough police to solve the murder mystery and each case on by one as progressing to the next level. Investigate the crime scene, look for clues, bring the suspect to be questioned, collect all the findings and find out who the real perpetrators are; interrogate them and witness too. You will find corrupt and deadly liars throughout your investigation. Download Now siteYou have but you have to analyze the instructions very carefully and sample to find strong evidence to catch the culprit. Play with your friends to release your detective skills.

20. Solitaire (Free)

Solitaire iOS GameSolitaire iOS Games have always been a favorite game of all time from your PC era. If you like Windows Solitaire, then you will definitely like this game. Solitaire for iOS has come with more new features and options to make basic games more interesting. The creators aim to re-create the classic game by introducing daily challenges for each day that produce crowns and trophies. There are several beautiful themes for Christmas, Spring, Rainy Days and many other. The play is a single or multi-player player with friends or random players. Enjoy the daily challenges at Apple watch too. Download Now siteIf you face difficulties in winning, the winning deal feature is there to help you. Play with strategies and options that can be adjusted to make the game more interesting.

21. Happy Mall Story (Free)

Happy Mall Story iOS GameHappy Mall Story iOS Game is a fun and fun mall simulation game where you can build your own shopping center, build shops of your choice, and make buyers happy. It is widely loved by people of all ages, especially women, a group of friends and everyone who likes shopping. Design and buld your own shop with personalized and unique decorations. There are cute and small sim type buyers for your virtual mall. From fashion to restaurants, you can make anything that attracts customers and serves every type of buyer by building other shops that can also be upgraded. Download Now siteIncrease and adjust shops and malls by expanding around them to make it a big tower. Play with your friends to improve your mall building experience and get more buyers around.

22. UNO & Friends (Free)

UNO iOS GameGame UNO for iOS is one of the fun and an entertaining card game which can be favorite among people throughout the world. UNO & Friends permits you to play this original card game with friends, Family, and fasten yourself to lots of people within the world. Simply connect to the UNI network and start playing games. This is a very fast and easy to learn game that you will enjoy and you find it difficult to stop. Play a number of tournaments and challenges to gain mastery. Download Now siteYou can use boots and friends to expand your horizons from strategic gameplay. Join your friends, and play 2 vs. 2 to increase your chances of winning. Play and win to get more opportunities to increase levels and keep your position on the charts.

23. Dream League Soccer (Free)

Dream League Soccer iOS GameDream League Soccer iOS Game gives you an authentic soccer league experience by giving you the freedom to create, customize, and control your dream league team featuring real FIFPro licensed superstars. This game contains very realistic animations and tactical Al that provides a very interesting and challenging experience. Very rich content games are also very easy to adjust, which means you can build your own stadium, develop your players and kits according to your preferences. Download Now siteYou can also compete with your team against other teams online. You can also synchronize your progress to iCloud and play on various devices. This includes ReplayKitLive support that allows you to save and share your favorite moments with your friends.

24. Sporcle ($2.99)

Sporcle iOS GameSporcle iOS Game is one of the most popular and trending trivia applications available on the Apple store. This is a trivia application that is basically equipped with various types of quizzes available to you every day. Now you can enjoy new quizzes every day and have downloaded them on your iOS device. This application basically brings quizzes from the most addictive, Sporcle quiz site to your iOS device; where you can find quizzes about your interest problems. Be it sports, entertainment, Hollywood, health, education or other, you can always have quizzes and other entertainment games available and you can experience the ultimate pleasure. Download Now siteOther challenges are also available to give you a hard time. Just download Sporcle on your iOS device and enjoy hours of fun and entertainment.

25. Fashion Design World (Free)

Fashion Design World iOS GameFashion Design World iOS Games are exclusively produced for all fashion lovers these days. A person may make this individual fashion store that enables you to create your collection of clothes. Produce clothing, arrange your own clothing line, put it in the stands and sell it to customers. Hire sales staff to expand and increase your sales. Decorate your own fashion store and make it stylish to stand out more than others. Design your own boutique and get ready for a fashion show. Download Now siteCreate your own fashion world and manage everything by yourself, bring new fashion to your store and get handsome sales. Download this beautiful and fun game now and become your own fashions shops owner.

26. SimCity Buildlt (Free)

SimCity BuildIt iOS GameSimCity Buildlt iOS Game is undoubtedly one of our favorite games since we started playing it on our PC. Build your own city which consists of beautiful houses and buildings and attractive and sharp graphics. Design your city with smart and thoughtful building placement to use efficiently expanded space. Turn your city on by facing various changes in nature, trade, and resource utilization; build high-tech buildings, get acquainted with natural disasters, and so on. As owners, prevent your citizens happy by meeting their irreplaceable needs and building villas, malls, cinemas, auditoriums, film sets; provide them with hi-fi city life. Download Now siteComplete social problems; give them a chance, as the Mayor did! Compete with your friends to be the best among the mayors and get rewards that will benefit your city.

27. Mahjong Deluxe ($0.99)

Mahjong Deluxe iOS GameMahjong Deluxe iOS Game is an all-time favorite solitaire game based on classic Chinese game, where the game must remove all cards on the boards. This video game is made of tiles determined by Chinese characters just like letters, symbols, etc. It’s essential to choose the matching pairs of tiles to clear our from your boards. Search for the ideal or left and to choose the matching pair or accept the top card; All you should do is play smartly to cut out all tiles from your board. Download Now siteThe adventure has 12 beautiful themes, which 168 different layouts to present you various puzzle to try out; whenever with diverse tiles. Enjoy this game with different backgrounds and something background music.

28. Temple Run 2 (Free)

Temple Run 2 iOS GameTemple Run 2 is the Best Offline iOS Games sequel to the most challenging and devastating Temple Run game. Temple Run 2 has come with more new adventures, features and more. Run through various forests, temples, mines and zip lines to walk as far as possible from the cursed idols in hidden temples. Now enjoy walking in an enchanting environment with clear graphics and amazing sound effects; along with more obstacles in your path. This sequel has introduced more power-ups and achievements after completing various missions. Download Now siteEach character has also been enhanced with more unique and extraordinary strengths. That is a really quick, adventurous, and addictive game that you could find on every second iOS phone.

29. Infinity Loop (Free)

Infinity Loop iOS GameInfinity Loop iOS Game is an endless, simple & relaxed game. People like to enjoy the game. This is a technical game where you only need to use your mind and make complicated looping patterns, which means you have to connect a lot of things and make other things from it. It’s like Tetris. Download Now siteThis game really helps you relieve stress. Enjoy repetition by connecting all lines and angles to make that perfect connection.

30. Hill Climb Racing 2

Hill Climb Racing 2 iOS GameHill Climb Racing 2 iOS Game is one of the most entertaining games. Players have different play styles, and for each game, style can choose a different vehicle. But the player must first open it. Download Now siteThis game has high resolution and low graphics. Players must compete with others to become #1. The game is full of challenges. You can also invite your friends to the daily competition.


31. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja iOS GameThe gameplay is very simple. Use your finger to cut the pieces of fruit that have been in the air. You don’t need to miss any fruit. As long as you can cut the Game iOS Fruit Ninja, you are in the game. Difficulties increase with time. Download Now siteThe graphics are too interesting and the game is truly amazing. Your age is not a problem, children, men, women & everyone can play this game.

Offline game users are more numerous because of the rare and useful features. Whether you are an Android user or an iPhone user, you can customize your device well with Top iOS games 2019. This is updated from time to time and their notifications will be brought to you on updates. So you can expand the use of this application with the latest updates.

You will find many opportunities and have many features on your device with Best Offline iOS Game. Observe with best free games on iPhone to find users that you can add to make your smartphone more comfortable. At the next post, I will introduce you to a more useful and interesting post, so keep visiting our post.

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